RPT-2000 Remote Monitoring Solution

Now you can remotely monitor your critical process variables 24/7 for a fraction of the cost!

The RPT-2000 system collects data around the clock from your existing instrumentation. The easily configured graphical display is available in real time through any smart device or computer providing instant access to critical information from anywhere. The system uses cellular technology and the internet to put real time data in the palm of your hand.

4-20 mA and digital signals

Our technical team can easily tailor the system to be compatible with your existing instrumentation

Data stored securely on remote servers

Access your data on-line from anywhere or download raw data to your computer for more detailed analysis.

Easy-to-use Graphical Interface provides insight into your operation

See the whole picture and spot trends to improve your operation and identify problems before they happen.

Set up alarms – SMS, email or phone

Easily configure alarms to be sent to you or your team. Respond remotely after checking the situation on your smart phone.

Analog Inputs (4-20 mA)
Digital Input/Output*
Power Requirements
Data Communications Distance


Operating Environment
Operating Temperature (w/ Battery Backup)

Operating Temperature (w/o Battery Backup)

Dimensions (HxWxD)
110 VAC
WiFi or Cell network
304+ m (1000+ ft) (4-20 mA)

1300 m (4265 ft) (Modbus)

Dry, dust free
0 to 50 ˚C (32 to 120 ˚F)

-20 to 65 ˚C (-4 to 149 ˚F)

120 mm x 140 mm x 60 mm (4.7 in x 5.5 in x 2.4 in)

*Can be factory configured for a number of common digital communications protocols according to customer requirements. Up to 128 digital input/outputs are also available based on customer requirements.

Principle of Operation

  1. Our technical team pre-configures the system to connect to your existing instrumentation. If you require new instrumentation, we can provide or source sensors that are compatible with the system.
  2. We walk you through or assist with the installation and wiring to connect instruments to the data terminal.
  3. We help you set up your account and log on to the Remote Process Technologies user site and provide a tutorial for configuring and calibrating your data.
  4. You will also be instructed to set up alarms and the graphical interface. You can even have the system email raw data on a monthly basis to your account.
  5. Within hours, you will be collecting data and analyzing your operation on-line from anywhere you want.